Cocktail book No Pants Required by Tonga Tim Harnett
Cocktail book No Pants Required by Tonga Tim Harnett

Cocktail book No Pants Required by Tonga Tim Harnett

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TU Tiki Ambassador Tonga Tim Harnett published his second cocktail book, which is FINALLY here!! 

No Pants Required: More Craft Cocktails for the Couch is a continuation of the journey through Tim’s favorite cocktails, and will give you nearly 100 original and exotic cocktails to enjoy from the comforts of cushy home furnishings.

Cover Art is once again by Chicago-based artist Kymm! Bang, photos by Sara Maresco Photography, and editing by Ilona Westfall. 

Having proven that a book could be one-time reality, Tim soon after began work on the sequel No Pants Required - More Craft Cocktails for the Couch, again stressing that great cocktails can be realized in the comfort of home. This book not only required a great deal of drink creation from scratch, but pushing the boundaries of what you can use to make drinks in a spirits-forsaken wasteland like Ohio.

No Pants takes a different approach from its predecessor, basing each chapter on a specific flavor profile. These include honey, exotic juices, eclectic cordial spirits, and so forth. And of course, Tim's crippling addiction to orgeat gets highlighted in a very confession-like chapter. A later chapter also focuses on base spirits that capture the unique flavors of different nations from around the world.

A signed hard cover book will be shipped to you or someone else via USPS, or you can choose to pick it up at Tiki Underground in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 

Tim’s first book No Beard or Bow tie Required: Cocktails for the Craft-Curious gave you 93 thoughtful recipes from which you can select based on spirit preferences and styles, and is available for purchase online or at Tiki Underground. Tim created these recipes across his first five years as a cocktail professional. You can add it to your order here, and they will be shipped together: